About us

Cesare Mattei Study Group is a no-profit association for social utility, born in May 2018 thanks to the three founding member commitment (Sara Oldani, Angela Palermo e Federica Borgognoni) and to the spirit of the people who contribute, with their activities, to our territory.
All these people, passionate about historical research and tied to the Count Cesare Mattei figure, have formed, in few months, a dynamic reality, promoter of countless initiatives and territorial partner for the local promotion.
Its objectives are in particular:

  • Historical, cultural promotion and valorization of the Count Cesare Mattei figure;
  • Conservation, promotion and valorization at national and international level of Rocchetta Mattei and all the things that contains;
  • Conservation and valorization of the Emilian Appennines’ nature and environment.

We mantain a solid collaboration with the local insitutions such as the Municipality of Grizzana Morandi, the Municipality of the Bolognaise Appennines Union, Carisbo Foundation and the Associations which have the historical research as its goal such as the Alta Valle del Reno Study Group, with which we already have developped a prolific collaboration for different initiatives.

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